Decoding life in fifteen minutes.

It was a long tiring day. I slept through most of it, but then emotions can tire you more than any form of physical exercise can. I made a drink, a real strong one, after a long long time. It was nice and effective. I felt like cooking something. I have always liked it; today was different. It was a feeling that you get when you pursue a hobby long forgotten: stamp collecting, maintaining scrap books, coins collecting, playing stapu, thinking uch neech ka paapda, seeing birds ( i wonder where the delhi sparrows have gone, i haven’t seen them for a decade now, and i used to see them everyday ) , spinning tops, etc, etc etc.
I was in the kitchen, and it felt like meeting an old friend. You talk apprehensively to start with, you try to check his or her facial emotions just to get a feel of where its going, dole out a random joke ( which has never made you laugh, but it has certainly made others laugh), see where he or she is looking, listen to what he or she is saying, laugh on a joke you normally would not have, and then immerse in the conversation. It was amazing. The whole experience was very uncordial to start with, but then I got used to it, and then I was rolling the dice. The result : A hot nice smelling chicken biryani. There is nothing more you can ask of an old forgotten friend.

Friends are nice but then only ten minutes were to go, and if no action were to be taken, the moment would have been lost. Some would say, c’mon, you could ve done it the next day, but then, it would have been tomorrow and not today.

We ran..until we found a rickshaw…what timing god!

It ran..until we were there..the shop.

We all started again: the rickshaw, me, the bottle, him, smiles.

We reached.

“How much?” “Twenty.”

“Are you sure?” “Saahab its night time”


“Ok, ask for any amount and you will get it”


“I am serious, ask for any amount, and believe me for a second..You will get it”


“I am serious. Just ask.”


The note came out and moved to who wanted it.

He could have asked for a thousand, and he could have still remained at twenty. He could have earned two times more, and he could have earned a heart.

He chose tomorrow, and he could have chosen life.


7 responses to “Decoding life in fifteen minutes.

  1. @Nikhil: Maine apne se zyada emotional aadmi dekha hi nahi (n believe me, i have seen a lot of emotional ppl.. like u) thank u.. that realized in time :)\\

    @pillu: Sparrows seriously post ke baare mein kya??

    @Ujjwal: bada socho be 🙂

    @Himshwet: Shawshawnk sucks 🙂

  2. Back after long time…

    I doubt if anyone exist who wouldn’t appreciate this post!

    fav line, “then it would have been tomorrow and not today”

    don’t want to repeat the comment of pillu! (about sparrows)

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