Raju and His Madventures III – Love Eggtually

Oye Raju pyaar na kariyo, darriyo, dil toot jaayega..

Raju fell in love. For the first time.
She was there in the market. He had come to fetch some eggs. He took a dozen from the trusted Mohan Lal Kiryana Store, recounted them, turned around while recounting again, bumped into her.
The eggs fell down. Both of them were down, picking up the lucky unbroken ones from the ocean of transparent and yellow liquids. He tried looking at her, but she was looking at him already, he blushed and quickly went back on picking up his potential omelettes.
‘I am sorry’, she sounded like a princess.
‘Its a pleasure..I I I mean, its Ok’
They got up. ‘This is for you’, Raju squeaked. One future half fry gifted.
‘Thanks’. She smiled and turned away. Raju stood there, looking at her, remembering her, her voice, that lucky egg in her purse now.
‘Turn around, Turn around, Turn around.. Now!’.
She did take a 130 degree turn. That wonderful smile again. Raju blushed. Her smile got bigger, a small paper got dropped. She ran towards a waiting auto rickshaw and disappeared.
‘She forgot her paper’, he thought to himself.
He went ahead and picked it up. It had a phone number and a name, Rani. ‘This must be one of her friend’s number’, his thoughts had taken a new plane altogether. But the smell of the paper was mesmerizing. ‘It is either Rexona or Hamam’, he blushed again. It smelled of freshness, it smelled of those beautiful eggs, it smelled of her.

He went home polished the two remaining eggs with rosewater, kissed them and then set out to make two half fries of them. He could imagine her doing the same with that token of love he had given her. The scene flashed back in his mind several dozen times. His smile size increased with each repeat telecast. The half fry could no longer be called that. It had turned black from the bottom and brown from above. Raju finally smelled the burn, but did not frown or panic. Just so smoothly and effortlessly closed the knob. He kissed his favorite fork and knife and savored each bit of those monumental memories. Delicious.
He could not sleep. He was restless. He was smiling. He was frowning. Oh, he was definitely in love.

Sardi, khaansi na malaria huaaaaaa, yeh gaya yaaron isko Love, Love, Love, Loveria huaa..

After days of pain and ponder, he decided to call up on that number, her friend, Rani.

‘Is that Rani?’
‘Yes, who is this?’
‘Actually, Rani you don’t know me but I know a friend of yours.’
‘Do you have a friend who recently cooked an egg?’
‘What kind of crap is this?’
‘I mean one egg. I think it must be a half fry but it can be boiled as well, depends on your friend’s taste actually.’
‘Listen mister, whoever you are. Stop dialing random numbers and trying your luck with girls. And for heaven’s sake, think of something more interesting than eggs. Will you?’

There were two pearl like tears in Raju’s eyes. His heart was broken. He felt like an egg that comes out of the refrigerator with excitement but falls down on the floor into pieces by someone’s buttery hands. The result – a high potential rounded personality becomes useless, smelly and gets treated like garbage. He put his head down on the dining table and cried endlessly.

Tring Tring. Tring Tring.

‘Hell..sob sob..llo’
‘This is Rani, is that the egg person?’
‘I am sorry Rani..sob sob..I did not mean that. I am not that kind of person.’
‘Actually I am sorry, I mistook you for the everyday stalkers that keep troubling.’
‘You don’t need to be sorry Rani. I can understand. You can keep the phone down now and I won’t disturb you again.’
‘I wanted to tell you that I made an omellete of it.’
‘Of the phone you mean?’
‘Of that one egg stupid.’
‘Really? But why did she gave the egg to you?’
‘Who, she? I am Rani, you gifted that egg to me.’

Blush. Blush. Blush.
Raju was speechless.

Bahaaron fool barsaao, mera mehboob aaya hai..

‘Hello…Hello. You there? Hello.’
‘Yeah..actually, actually..I thought..’, Raju managed to squeak again.
‘Firstly, can I know your name please?’
Blush. Smile. Blush.
‘Raju, I had dropped that number for you that day.’
‘Oh Rani, you are so sweet.’
‘Raju, you are even sweeter.
When you did not call up for a couple of days, I even thought of looking for you in the market again. But your present did not let me do that.’
‘You mean that egg?’
‘But how?’
‘I got loose motions because of it.’

Smiles. Blushes. ‘Really Rani?’ ‘Yes, Raju’ ‘That naughty Mohan Lal! Don’t worry, we will have the chicken out it’ ‘I love you Raju’ ‘I love you Rani’

Raja ko rani se pyaar ho gaya
Pehli nazar mein pehla pyaar ho gaya
Dil jigar dono ghaayal hue
Teere nazar dil ke paar ho gaya


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