Aimless Endless

An ant smells a distant Krackjack biscuit. Seeing is believing. It runs as per recommendations of its nasal sensors and confirms the biscuit’s presence. It sprints back to its colony and is out of breath while making a public announcement of their next project. It is given its business development bonus. A fresh MBA with specialization in biscuit assignments is assigned as the project manager. A detailed project plan is made with timelines, responsibilities, milestones and remunerations. Teams are formed. A first batch of fifty ants is sent with one team leader to bring back the first part of their target. They march past in a straight line following their leader. Digging up the biscuit starts at full swing. Nobody gets to taste it while the project is on. The complete colony always tastes a catch in unison in the end with grandeur and last week’s collected champagne. The team lead assesses the progress in a couple of hours and e-mails back the updated gantt chart to the project manager. A reinforcement team is sent to be on track with the initial timelines. Performance based incentives of extra biscuit bites are announced to further speed up the work. As the first batch leaves back for the colony, the next one starts its work. The first batch deposits its collection and starts filling the project feedback forms. Their performance assessment starts. They could hear a radio nearby.

‘There is a bomb threat in Vasant Kunj. People are advised to be out of their homes.’

A group of humans rushes out. The second batch of ants gets squashed. The team leader survives with serious injuries. Emergency meeting is announced. Project team gathers. One minute mourning for the accidental deaths. Project plan gets revised. Third team becomes larger with aggressive performance targets. It begins its march with black bands on their arms behind a more experienced team lead. The digging resumes.

‘The bomb scare was a hoax. People are advised to get back to their homes.


2 responses to “Aimless Endless

  1. As far as ants are concerned, their survival depends on it. Humans on the other case have gone past “survival”. It is high time we understood that.

    btw the previous theme was cool…

    • Hmmm..its just a fraction of humans, that have gone past ‘survival’, so as a society we are nowhere close to that part. Sorry for my recurring socialist rantings but its high time we understood that. Secondly, I would like to know what is the ‘it’ on which the ants’ survival depends? Thirdly, I think you missed the larger point of the post 🙂

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